Semi Solid and Severe Service Valves for the Polymer Industry

Oliver Twinsafe has earned a reputation for delivering reliable flow control solutions, specific to their customer's needs. So when the United Kingdom based company learnt that polymer plants where consuming generic ball valves within a matter of months they knew they could develop a superior component for a targeted market. The Semi Solid and Severe Service Valve (S4V) would go on to prove itself, on average, to be eight times more reliable than those previously employed in polymer production.

Oliver Twinsafe Polymer Product

"In this instance we conducted a case study and learnt that one polymer plant had been replacing ball valves every three months for 18 years which mounts up to a significant production stoppage," said Mark Oliver, Deputy Chairman.

"The same customer has recently returned our prototype after two years of reliable service. We are delighted with this product and we are confident that the S4V will quickly become standard equipment in polymer plants."

The polymerisation process is abrasive by nature with media constantly solidifying and liquefying inside the valve which, in turn, is subject to a tremendous amount of wear on both the ball and the seats.

The Oliver Twinsafe Semi and Solid Severe Service Valve builds on the company's existing Hybrid Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve design by incorporating tungsten carbide coated ball and seat sets capable of withstanding the abrasion and high pressures associated with the polymerisation process. In addition, the S4V also utilises cavity filters which prevent grit getting behind the ball and galling the seat.

The advanced new valve, available in sizes ranging from 1" to 12", offers polymer plants increased productivity and should significantly reduce operational costs. The S4V is designed to operate to a high standard over the lifetime of the plant and will eliminate the costly downtime associated to the maintenance and replacement of the traditional generic installation.

"The Semi and Solid Severe Service Valve demonstrates the continuing innovation within our company," explained Mr Oliver. "Oliver Twinsafe takes a great deal of pride in working alongside our customers to meet individual requirements. Polymer plants, like any other industry, demand high performance hardware with dependable longevity. In the S4V we have yet another bespoke product that exceeds industry standards."

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