PerkinElmer Shows Off New Line of Differential Scanning Calorimeters

PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader focused on the health and safety of people and the environment, is showcasing its new line of high performance differential scanning calorimeters (DSC) here at NPE 2009 in booth W125036. The new DSC technology is designed to improve accuracy, sensitivity and performance in thermal analysis, a technique commonly used in the development of new polymeric materials. PerkinElmer is the only DSC supplier to offer both single and double furnace options, delivering a full range of capabilities to such global industries as aerospace, electronics and pharmaceuticals, where its new technology is critical in understanding the performance of advanced material technologies.

The new PerkinElmer family of products includes the DSC 4000, 6000, 8000 and 8500. The DSC 8000 and 8500 feature a second generation, power controlled double furnace designed to provide the fast heating and cooling rates required to accurately understand how materials behave under different conditions. The DSC 4000 is a unique single furnace solution, and the DSC 6000 builds upon the key features of the DSC 4000 with added modulated capabilities and greatly enhanced electronics.

"PerkinElmer's new design of the DSC 8000 and 8500 represents a significant advancement in thermal analysis technology for the plastics and polymer industries," said Richard Begley, Ph.D., president, Analytical Sciences, PerkinElmer. "Based on feedback from our customers about what they wanted in the next generation of DSC technology, we have created instruments intended to deliver more detailed analysis and greater insights into material behavior than ever before."

For customers developing or manufacturing plastics/polymers, product quality is dependent on being able to understand manufacturing processes. The DSC 8000 and 8500 have the ability to mimic the rapid cooling rates polymers encounter during the molding process, while testing end products to perform as expected. For customers developing or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, the rapid heating rates of these instruments allow high throughput screening, increased sensitivity, and the suppression of polymorphic arrangements needed to understand and develop new formulations.

The four new instruments offer both single and double furnace approaches to DSC. The product family provides a diverse range of solutions: from the DSC 4000, an economical and compact workhorse that delivers high quality results on a consistent basis; to the double furnace HyperDSC enabled DSC 8500, designed to rapidly provide precise and sensitive materials measurements that help to accelerate the development of innovative polymeric materials.

The new DSC product line includes the:

  • DSC 4000 - The DSC 4000 single furnace solution is applicable for a wide range of routine applications in the academic, polymer and pharmaceutical markets.
  • DSC 6000 - The DSC 6000 builds upon the key features of the 4000 with the addition of modulated temperature DSC (MT-DSC), additional accessories and enhanced electronics. This is intended to enable users to separate kinetic events from thermal events and interpret data with greater ease.
  • DSC 8000 - The core double furnace technology of the DSC 8000 is designed to rapidly heat and cool materials and to assist in replicating the processes encountered in the product development of polymers. This controlled heating and cooling is intended to enhance accuracy in testing results.
  • DSC 8500 - With the same core double furnace technology benefits of the DSC 8000, the 8500 allows rapid controlled heating to 750 degrees per minute and ballistic cooling to 2100 degrees per minute. This helps users to quench the sample without removing it from the instrument. The fast heating and cooling can help reduce overall analysis times from the standard 45 minutes to three minutes. This productivity improvement is enhanced when the DSC 8500 is fitted with an optional 96 position autosampler.

All DSC instruments are available globally for purchase.

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