Low Cost Process for Manufacturing Thin Film Transistors from Nanotubes Developed by Applied Nanotech

Nano-Proprietary, Inc., through its subsidiary, Applied Nanotech, Inc. (ANI), today announced that it has developed a low cost process for manufacturing thin film transistors utilizing monolayers of well dispersed single wall carbon nanotubes. The monolayer random network of single wall carbon nanotubes was deposited at room temperature from a solution using a process that is fully compatible with polymeric substrates that are the base of large area flexible microelectronics. The thin films transistors were built on silicon oxide but other dielectric materials are also suitable. The mobility performance of these transistors, even at this early stage, is an order of magnitude better than amorphous silicon or organic semiconductor transistors. Furthermore, this new type of transistors may considerably improve the sensitivity of ANI’s carbon nanotube based sensor technology, with the transistors providing intrinsic amplification of the sensor detection signals.

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