Vitrotech and Xiom Enter into Strategic Supplier and Technology Relationship

VitroTech Corporation today announced a strategic supplier and technology relationship with Xiom Corporation, inventor of a revolutionary polymer multicoat spray system.

VitroTech Corporation and Xiom Corporation are pleased to announce the discovery of significant technical synergism, combining the technological breakthroughs of both companies, producing a polymer spraying process that offers unique combinations of time-tested coatings. The Xiom 1000 spray gun deposits mixtures of plastics, plastic additives and various chemicals to substrates of any type for prolonged life of structures and materials. Xiom's technological breakthrough is transforming the performance and cost structure of powder coating processes. At the same time, the wide range of engineered polymer coating materials compatible with the Xiom spray gun process provides ground-breaking technology.

VitroTech's product, Vitrocote®, affords this technology a wider range of polymer selection and provides enhanced rheology of the polymers at favourable process temperatures, assuring high flow without any performance loss in the polymer coating. The 'window of operation' with many different polymers is much wider in the Xiom process with the enhanced benefits derived from Vitrocote® performance.

The Xiom process features a cost-effective system to apply polymer coatings, no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), easy application, low flammability, and 7 to 10 times more durability than paint. The application system consists of a completely portable console, spray gun, hoses and powder feeder. Coatings applied with this system cure instantly at ambient temperatures and can be applied to wood, brick, masonry, steel, glass, nonferrous metals and ceramics.

VitroTech Corporation is pleased to provide our technology and full support to Xiom Corporation and to participate in this leading edge coatings process of environmentally friendly, high performance, low cost materials.

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