Particle Size Analyzer Offers Increased Reproducibility for Materials Analysis

Easier operation, superior functionality and optimised reproducibility of measurements are delivered to end-users by the Carl Zeiss Particle Analyzer. As well as particle analysis for technical purity, the microscope-based analysis and documentation system may also be used for the documentation of defects, materials analysis, porosity measurements of surfaces and biomedical applications in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology sector.

Carl Zeiss Particle Analyzer delivers Increased Reproducibility for Automatic Quality Inspection

Special functions for particle recognition enable fully automatic measurement without user intervention. Subsequent typification, such as reflecting or non-reflecting particles and fibres for instance, has also been optimised to make manual correction unnecessary. In addition, the SteREO Discovery range of stereomicroscopes and the Axio Imager range of upright microscopes may be fully motorised and driven by the software, with the system configuration stored with the results. Consequently, consistent quality of measured results from batch-to-batch can be guaranteed, regardless of a change in user. In addition, particle standard and special specimen holders are available for system calibration.

Internationally recognised standards and directives, such as VDA Vol. 19 / ISO 16232 and ISO 4406, are implemented within the software and company-specific standards or demands outside the standards may also be implemented easily by the user. Also, the directives of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can be implemented for applications in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology sector.

The Particle Analyzer software may be implemented with either the SteREO Discovery range of stereomicroscopes or the Axio Imager range of upright microscopes. Motorised polarisation components on the microscope optimise automatic differentiation between reflecting and non-reflecting particles.

Both microscope ranges include both a manual and a fully motorised version. Existing microscope systems can be retrofitted into a particle analyzer on request.

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