Dow Corning Host Silicone Glazing Technology Workshop for Arhitects

On June 12-15, Dow Corning experts, Larry Carbary, Andreas Wolf, and Patrice Sauro moderated the first ever forum for architects, with leadership from Professor Knaack from the Delft University of Technology, at the 2009 Glass Performance Days (GPD) event in Tampere, Finland.

Drawing over 848 participants from over 58 countries, including many architects, designers, and façade consultants from some of the leading architecture firms in Europe, this year's GPD event was a strong success, paving the way for some fresh and innovative ideas that will set the stage for future building designs.

"The workshop organized by Dow Corning was both extremely informative and well organized, with an excellent mix of young and more senior professionals that could discuss, debate, and engage on topics of increasing importance to the building industry," said David Hebblewethwaite, senior engineer from Alan Brookes Consultants in the United Kingdom.

Bill Marshall, of Estudio Marshall & Asociados in Buenos Aires added, "Not only were Dow Corning's presentations informative, they also encouraged and opened up a new realm of possibilities in the building envelope business. The forum enabled us to see firsthand the many benefits of silicone technology and its extreme versatility."

During the forum Dow Corning educated architects and designers on silicon-based products and beneficial features of silicone glazing technology to create three-dimensional structures that continue to shape and define city skylines. Eric Peeters, Dow Corning Global Executive Director Solar Business, also served as chairman of various sessions for the workshop. "Concerns about climate change, combined with elevated fuel prices, are pushing energy efficiency to the top of the agenda for designers and builders of residential and commercial properties", he said. "Silicon technology plays a vital role in helping to make buildings more energy efficient, as well as safer and more suitable environments to work and play."

"We are excited for the direction the construction building industry is heading, particularly when it comes to sustainable design and more energy efficient building mechanisms. Silicones are versatile enough to cater to every need and building medium. By forging new partnerships with actors from every level of the building process, we are paving the way for a new generation of architecture and design," said Jean-Paul Hautekeer, European Construction Industry Commercial Director.


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