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Wooden Cookware, For Real

Woodn't have thought it? But it's true!! There are Cedar Baking Planks for use in the oven, alder and cedar BBQ Grilling Planks and Wood Wraps for oven or BBQ.

The woods impart a subtle flavour to foods such as fish, game, meat and cheese, whilst offering a healthier way of cooking as no additional fat or oil is used.

Although some products are well established in certain markets such as the USA and Australia, they are in the main little known elsewhere.

The Cedar Oven Baking Planksare kept fed/conditioned with any food quality oil to ensure long life. They are pre-heated in the oven at around 200 Centigrade. Then the food is cooked on them in the same was as a metal baking tray. The difference is that the plank gives the food a subtle cedar flavour and fills the kitchen with a wonderful warm aroma. Plus the plank looks great and provides a talking point if taken to the table. After use the plank is washed in soapy water then allowed to dry before further conditioning.

Alder, Cedar or Maple BBQ Grilling Planks are soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before use. They are then placed on the BBQ grid where they start to steam. This steam imparts woody flavour to the food whilst keeping it moist and juicy - An added benefit is the food does not stick or burn making things like fish and prawns much easier to BBQ. As the planks dry out they will start to smoulder at the edges when they should be removed and re-soaked to get 3 or 4 uses out of them.

Wood Wraps, available in Cherry, Cedar, Maple, Oak, Walnut and Beech are also soaked in water before use. After applying a little oil to prevent food sticking, the food is placed on the wrap, which is then rolled up and tied for oven or BBQ cooking. The food is infused with a subtle woody flavour and can be presented at the table still wrapped.

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