Rugged LED Light Fittings Come in Aluminum Billet Housing

Larson Electronics' added several new LED lights, including the LEDSM-3X60 and the LEDSM-1X60 mounts for flat and tubular mounting of small LED lights. The LEDSM-3X60 LED light consists of three 250 lumen watertight, potted LED lights encased in an machined aluminum billet housing. The LEDSM-1X60 LED light is similar in construction with only a single water tight LED capsule. The individual LED pods contain 15 LEDs and are fully potted.

Each LED has a red and black lead for 12 or 24 volt power. Two different aluminum billet mount styles are available with either chrome or black anodize finish. The first mount has a flat mounting surface, while the tubular mount style has a concave base for mounting on bars, rails and other round stock. The 3 LED light models measure approximately 5 inches long and 1 inch wide, while the single LED light is under 2 inches in length.

led light in aluminum billet housing anodized black

"The LEDSM series are very rugged, bright LED pods that are mountable via these aluminum billet frames," said Rob Bresnahan with The LEDSM60 with a simple aluminum ring mount are very popular for boating and industrial applications. However, customers were looking for ways mount multiple LED pods with better aesthetics. The LEDSM-3X60 and LEDSM-1X60 address this need. These are the most recent addition to our small LED light offerings, including the LEDSM30 courtesy LED light and the LEDSM30MW mini wall washer LED light. These are ultra low current lights that offer 50,000 hours of life and IP67 waterproof durability."

Larson Electronics provides a wide variety of LED lighting for military, commercial and industrial applications. The LED lighting line includes high powered LED lights, like the 7200 lumen LED10W-9S LED light and the ultra-compact, high powered LED10W-1S 800 lumen LED light. Combined with a variety of mounting options, color and beam patterns, is building a one stop shop for rugged, powerful LED lighting for nearly every application.

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