Geotechnical Services Offer SPECTRO XRF Analyzers to the US Market

Geotechnical Services, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of the SPECTRO xSORT Materials Analyzer suite to the U.S. market. As a premier consulting organization and instrumentation sales company dedicated to providing laboratory and field analytical solutions, Geotechnical Services has associated with SPECTRO Analytical Instruments - a leader in elemental and materials analysis - to offer a complete range of XRF handheld and benchtop instruments for elemental analysis needs.

With application packages purpose-built for the analysis of soil, polymers, alloys, geological samples, and more, there has never been a simpler, more precise materials analyzer solution.

Materials Analyzer Solutions for Every Need
Offering a complete range of handheld and benchtop XRF materials analyzers, SPECTRO and Geotechnical Services have the right instrument for every materials analysis need, with instruments purpose-built for field analysis, regulatory compliance, elemental mapping, and more.

SPECTRO Handheld XRF Materials Analyzer
The light-weight, easy-to-use SPECTRO xSORT Handheld XRF Materials Analyzer is a powerful, lab-quality analytical instrument for rapid, nondestructive materials analysis. SPECTRO-the global leader in elemental materials analysis-has channeled its expertise to create a lab-worthy yet rugged handheld XRF instrument. The SPECTRO xSORT handheld XRF instrument is nondestructive, offers a high degree of analytical flexibility, and has a very competitive purchase price, offering silicon drift detectors as a standard feature.

With testing times in the order of seconds, it accurately determines the elemental composition and concentration from magnesium to uranium contained in any sample. The new, robust RoHS compliance and lead screening application packages are perhaps the most advanced and important new changes to the SPECTRO xSORT platform. The February 2010 enforcement deadline is fast-approaching in the United States, but lead and other substances that are considered toxic continue to be found regularly in toys, jewelry, and apparel. The new xSORT compliance packages for the CPSIA, California Prop 65, and more are an ideal complement to Geotechnical Services' compliance and regulatory expertise." Fast, reliable soil analysis and environmental screening are now also dedicated applications of the SPECTRO xSORT handheld XRF materials analyzer.

SPECTRO XEPOS Benchtop XRF Analyzer
An XRF materials analyzer in a class all its own, the SPECTRO XEPOS is purpose-built for sulfur determination and general analysis of oil and gasoline, soil analysis, and the analysis of geological materials. The SPECTRO XEPOS XRF materials analyzer is a highly sensitive materials analysis instrument, featuring an analysis range from Na (sodium) to U (uranium), a 12-position auto sampler, and very easy sample preparation. The SPECTRO XEPOS Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) allows results to be obtained faster and more accurately than with other methods of XRF analysis. And because the SPECTRO XEPOS features SPECTRO's renowned TURBOQUANT software, combining classical fundamental parameters with automatic matrix correction, the user is enabled to analyze true 'unknowns' without the need for site-specific calibrations.

SPECTRO MIDEX for Elemental Mapping and Micro XRF Materials Analysis
The SPECTRO MIDEX micro-XRF Analyzer is the perfect materials analyzer for the fast, non-destructive analysis of small and micro spots and the fast mapping of large surfaces. The SPECTRO MIDEX affords analysis of spots as small as 0.2mm in diameter, an automatic XYZ sample platform, and customizable mapping. The incorporated video technology with multiple zoom intensities and sample display allows for foolproof sample placement. The micro XRF and mapping capabilities make analysis of individual components on a PCB, as well as a full elemental map of the surface for RoHS compliance, a simple task. Other analytical packages available for the SPECTRO MIDEX include precious metals analysis and archaeometric analysis.

These three powerful materials analyzers are available immediately, worldwide.


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