Competitive Technologies Licence Calcium Phosphate Nanotechnology to University of Southern California

Competitive Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has granted an exclusive option to research the manufacture and use of CTT's nanotechnology bone biomaterial for dental applications to a major, diverse dental products company. CTT has an exclusive agreement with the University of South Carolina Research Foundation (USCRF) to license and commercialize this nanotechnology. The technology, an injectible calcium phosphate-based biomaterial, is from the work of Dr. Brian Genge, a research professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of South Carolina.

"The agreement to develop products using USCRF's innovative nanoparticle biomaterial technology in the dental products market is an example of CTT fulfilling unsatisfied market needs from its portfolio of technology solutions," said Suzanne N. B. Alent, CTT's VP Marketing and Business Development. "This agreement establishes CTT as a value-added partner in the dental medical device industry."

Applications in this agreement are for dental use. The technology can also be applied to human bones, especially related to the spine, and veterinary uses. The bone biomaterial technology is an easily flowable, moldable paste that conforms to and interdigitates with the host bone. It rapidly hardens itself in vivo, forming a solid bone-like structure capable of stabilizing fractured bone within 15 minutes. The technology has superior compressive strength making it suitable for weight and non-weight bearing bones, and is both machinable and drillable.

John B. Nano, CTT's President and CEO said, "Bone biomaterial is just one of the important innovative technologies in our exciting portfolio. CTT is actively marketing and commercializing several technologies, including homocysteine assays, sexual dysfunction treatment, video compression and decoding technology, sunless tanning application, silicon carbide wafer testing, animated graphical password security technology, language-mastering software, specialty chemical compounds, pollution abatement process, and the Therapik® thermal therapy."

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