LyondellBasell Introduce Polypropylene Grade Suited to Use in Stormwater Systems

LyondellBasell Industries has launched a new polypropylene (PP) resin that meets customer requirements for innovative stormwater management systems. Hostalen PP N2122 is a new, natural PP copolymer used in injection-molded rainwater regulating devices for channel drainage and total sewer systems.

Compared to standard resins on the market, the Hostalen PP N2122 resin offers an exceptional balance of mechanical properties, including a higher melt flow rate (MFR), very low creep performance and long service life. Additional properties of the new Hostalen PP grade include outstanding impact resistance at sub-zero temperatures and high oxidation resistance.

"We have selected Hostalen PP N2122 resins for Wavin's new Wavin Q-Bic stormwater management systems that feature individual infiltration units," said Dick Brunt, Wavin's product manager water management. "Wavin Q-Bic stormwater units can be assembled and attached to an underground structure for temporary stormwater storage to limit the outflow, or as an alternative for domestic drains to allow stormwater infiltrate into the soil." Hostalen PP N2122 resins met Wavin's demanding requirements for the system's finished parts.

Higher melt flow rate

"Conventional pipe grades typically have an MFR of 0.3g/10min (at 230°C), while the new Hostalen PP N2122 resin has an MFR of 2.0g/10min," said Gianluca Brescia, head of LyondellBasell's Pipe, Industrial Sheet & Pipe Coating business unit. Additional essential requirements include good creep resistance combined with high impact strength to prevent blocks from collapsing under traffic loads and damage during installation. Added Brescia, "Flowability on the one hand, and impact and creep resistance on the other hand, are diametrically opposing forces. However, the Hostalen PP N2122 resin offers the ideal balance of both. The material is highly stabilized, as the application must survive several decades without thermal degradation."

"LyondellBasell was the first polyolefins producer to offer a highly stabilized grade with sufficient flow properties, good impact strength and outstanding long-term creep resistance. Our Wavin Q-Bic applications require all of these features," said Brunt.

Commitment to water preservation

To achieve benchmark processability and end-use properties, the new Hostalen grade was developed using LyondellBasell's fifth-generation Avant catalysts and in collaboration with companies involved in water management. "We believe that this performance platform will provide end users with excellent processability on their existing machines, along with improved installation performance and safety. It is another milestone accomplishment in our commitment to preserve water resources," said Pierre Herben, Vice President of Research & Development at LyondellBasell.

"Efficient rainwater management is increasingly becoming a major challenge for many parts of the world," said Brescia. "Climate change that is causing higher variations in rainfall and growing fresh drinking water requirements in highly populated urban and industrial areas are creating the need for improved water management systems. This new application success with Wavin illustrates LyondellBasell's dedication to working with leading industry partners to develop step-change solutions that improve quality of life."

According to Brunt, "We are very excited about Wavin Q-Bic's potential. Wavin Q-Bic offers a tailor-made solution that meets specific water management needs for both individual housing developments and civil infrastructure. The Wavin Q-Bic portfolio is modular, sustainable, cost-effective, stable and easy to install."


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