Diener UK Launch New Website Showcasing Plasma Surface Treatment Systems

Diener UK have this month launched their new UK website (http://www.plasmatreatment.co.uk) for their full range of plasma surface treatment systems, processes and services. Diener's systems are used widely to modify the surface properties of a wide range of materials to improve their adhesion properties, make them wettable or either water /oil repellant, and for ultra-fine cleaning without solvents.

Plasma surface treatments are applied on the nano-scale and produce a permanent effect which doesn't alter the material properties in any other way. They can be applied to component or finished product alike.

Plasma surface treatments and coatings are used in markets as diverse as filtration, textiles, medical and biomedical technologies, microfluidics and plastics & elastomers for automotive, and aerospace applications.

Treatment systems are available with internal capacities ranging from 2 litres to more than 12,000 litres and with fixed, drum and reel-to-reel loading capabilities. Automated atmospheric plasma torches for in-line surface treatments are also available.

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