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Boca Bearings Takes on Lubrication Market

Leading ball bearing supplier, Boca Bearings, is putting a new line of lubricants and coatings at the heart of its plans to become a respected name in industrial lubrication markets. After 20 years of success as an innovative supplier of specialty ceramic bearing products, Boca Bearings is now targeting industrial lubrication with a full range of Oils, Greases, Coatings and Solid Lube. Boca Bearings new line of industrial lubricants is fueled by the overwhelming response from its current customer base that is constantly seeking out new ways to extend the life of moving parts and machinery.

Industrial Lubrication, Dry Lube & Solid Lube

Boca Bearing has always tried to provide its customers with cutting edge products that offer great value at an affordable price. The new line of lubricants features Kyodo Yushi greases which has become the de-facto standard in precision machinery lubrication the world over. The Kyodo Yushi line of greases are appropriate for many applications such as Fanuc and Kawasaki industrial robots, vacuum applications, extreme temperatures environments and much more.

In addition to the Kyodo Yushi product line, Boca Bearings is also offering the Kluber series of grease for high speed, high load and high heat applications. Kluber offers a number of different products for a wide variety of uses like eccentric rollers, drafting equipment, actuators and ball bearings. Similarly DuPont's Krytox grease is also a very popular lubrication product that is a fluorinated, aerospace grade grease. Krytox is suitable for use in everything from the aggressive world of chemical processing, to the high temperatures in state-of-the art automotive applications, to the critical tolerances of aerospace military specs, and in many other demanding industries.

Lastly, Boca Bearings also offers a number of coatings and solid lube options for the most extreme or demanding applications. Boca Bearing's exclusive Ultra Dry Lube (UDL) process is a modified (WS2) Tungsten Disulfide in lamellar form that can be molecularly bonded to any metallic substrate. The process mechanically impinges a dry powder through high pressure ambient air. The UDL coating only adds a thickness of 0.5 microns (0.000020 of an inch) to the metal substrate and has a coefficient of friction of 0.030, which is less than half that of graphite. Lightning Solid Lube Polyethylene (LSLP) is available for food grade applications which is FDA/USDA approved and will also resist washout from high pressure cleaners and most chemicals used in sanitation of machinery. Lightning Solid Lube Graphite (LSLG) is for extreme temperature applications from -250°F (-157°C) to 667°F (349°C).

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