Specialized Resins Designed for Complex Multi-Part Connectors

To solve the challenges in creating complex, multi-part connectors, SABIC Innovative Plastics has developed specialized grades of its workhorse Ultem* resin to drive forward the development of highly cost-effective, one-piece molded connector designs. At Chinaplas 2010, booth W2G41, the company is showcasing these unique materials, which can be precisely tailored to specific wavelengths and offer attenuation control, extreme high heat resistance and dimensional stability for accurate fiber alignment.

SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Ultem* Resins Used for Fiber Optic One-Piece Connectors.

This innovative new solution is intended to reduce connector costs by up to 20 percent, accelerate fiber installation and provide exceptionally long service life. SABIC Innovative Plastics' continued investment in new fiber-optic-tailored technologies will help customers in this high-tech industry extend their reach across multiple strategic geographies worldwide.

"A fiber optic installation is only as good as its connections, and our goal is to help our customers in this space produce a new generation of simple, yet extremely reliable and high-performing connectors," said Kim Choate, global product direction, High Performance Products, SABIC Innovative Plastics. "SABIC Innovative Plastics has proactively and consistently developed highly sophisticated materials for this industry to revolutionize connector design and help drive down costs. These new high-tech Ultem resin grades will no doubt play a key role in expanding the availability and use of fiber optic technology to meet the world's fast-growing demand for data access at light speed."

Ultem Resin is on Your Wavelength

Through the use of proprietary technology, SABIC Innovative Plastics can finely and precisely tailor its new Ultem resins to transmit light over the specific wavelength required by the customer or by industry standards. The transparent resin features custom color to minimize attenuation, and provides exceptional resistance to high temperatures. Excellent dimensional stability helps to ensure that fibers remain aligned within the connector, thus avoiding the need for maintenance or replacement.

Ultem resin's high flow properties enable connectors to be injection molded with high throughput. Because one-piece designs require no additional assembly, system costs are further reduced. A simpler connector also streamlines installation and avoids multiple points of failure that characterize traditional four- or five-piece designs.

Connectors molded from Ultem resin can be used with either glass or plastic fiber.


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