Afton Chemical to Release New Passenger Car Motor Oil Additive

Afton Chemical announced today that it is ready to launch a new passenger car motor oil (PCMO) additive.

This additive is among the first to come to market in anticipation of the new GF-5 standard set by the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC), which goes into effect in October, 2010.

Afton Chemical Headquarters - Richmond, VA USA.

According to Ian Atherton, Marketing Manager for Engine Oils, the additive is also the most cost effective solution on the market for meeting both GF-5 requirements and the dexos1™ standard from GM. “Meeting GF-5 was an important goal. But we’re also proud that this same product has been formally approved by GM to manufacture licensed dexos1™ engine oil, with no modifications, boosters or changes in treat rate of the additive package,” said Atherton.

Atherton added that the GF-5 additive will cover more viscosity grades than Afton’s GF-4 product, and will minimize the need for special base stocks. “It’s not only cost-effective and has greater base oil flexibility, it also exceeds the GF-5 spec in a number of key performance areas. That will give our customers a way to differentiate their products from the competition,” said Atherton. A pour-point depressant (PPD) has also been added to the formulation, simplifying logistics for Afton customers.

Atherton also pointed to two important tests, which he says demonstrate the additive’s ability to exceed the new specification. In the Sequence IIIG test for oil robustness, the Afton additive performed nearly 20% better than the GF-5 requirement, and also exceeded the GM dexos1™ requirement across a range of industry base stocks. And in the Opel RNT test, used by GM for their dexos1™ specification, the product controlled camshaft wear to 3 to 4 atoms/hour, 65% better than the specification limit.

Atherton said, “Afton has always had a tradition of staying ahead of technology. We knew that GF-5 and dexos1™ would present challenges, so it’s especially gratifying to not only meet those specifications, but also exceed them in a number of measures. We’re happy to be able to give our customers what they need before they need it. And, we’re pleased to provide our customers the technology that they can use to supply new, versatile fluids for OEM factory fill and service fill.”


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