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Market Publishers Offers Updated Reports on Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Market Publishers Ltd informs that recently updated business reports on Chemicals & Petrochemicals are now available in its catalogue.

Newly updated in-demand business reports include:

Carbon Black (BC): 2010 World Market Outlook And Forecast. Carbon Black global demand is forecast to increase by the end of 2010. Worldwide, the growth index is expected to show 2%, mounting 4.1% in the following years. Asia will remain the major producer, North America will experience some decline, the growth rate in Western Europe will also be modest. Moreover increasing output is planned in Eastern Europe … more at

Formaldehyde: 2010 World Market Outlook And Forecast. Formaldehyde is the most commercially important aldehyde. Formaldehyde resins accounted for approximately 63% of Formaldehyde world demand in 2009. World Formaldehyde consumption is forecast to grow at an average 4.0% yearly during 2010–2015, demand from wood resins sector is forecast to remain strong … more at

Acetic Acid: 2010 World Market Outlook And Forecast. In 2008 global capacity for Acetic acid stood at 12.03 M tons. The capacity utilization rate indicates 82%. The USA takes a 22% share of this capacity, trailed by the Asian region with 67%, Europe with 9.6%. Long term global Acetic acid demand is forecast to grow at the previous levels – 3-4% annually. Growth will be much higher in Asia, pulled by China … more at

Butanediol (BDO) Market Outlook 2010. Butanediol is a valuable chemical intermediate used in the production of high performance polymers, solvents, fine chemicals. Estimated global capacity reached 1.9 mln tons in 2009. The most notable increases in production were observed in Asia. However, overcapacity remains one of the biggest challenges for BDO producers …

Sulfuric Acid: 2010 World Market Outlook And Forecast. The major end-use market for sulfuric acid (wet-process phosphoric acid) is phosphate fertilizer materials production. Demand from this segment was always high - about 50% on average (2007-2008), however it has dropped dramatically and accounts today for approximately 30 per cent. At the same time a huge jump in Sulfuric Acid prices was reported in January 2009 … more at


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