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New Label Claims Boost Applications of Solution 3000 Liquid Chlorine Dioxide

CDG Environmental, LLC, producers of proprietary, highly-engineered chlorine dioxide chemistries, announces new EPA approved label claims for Solution 3000. 

Solution 3000 is an ultra pure liquid chlorine dioxide that is shelf stable for over 9 months, the only such product that can be shipped by common carrier or rail.

The new label claims will significantly increase Solution 3000's applications in the food, poultry, agricultural, horticultural, veterinary, industrial processing, and the cleaning and sanitation market place.  Some of the newly approved applications include:

  • Treatment of agricultural facilities including animal storage and transportation,
  • Treatment within the poultry industry including carcass spray, poultry drinking water, egg, hatching, and incubator rooms,
  • Disinfection for horticultural and greenhouses including treatment of work areas, pots, tool, evaporative coolers, basins and ponds.
  • Commercial, institutional, and industrial treatment of animal holding rooms, sick rooms and work rooms,
  • Sanitizing food processing plants including food and non-food contact surfaces, dairy, brewery, and bottling equipment, ice making equipment, canning retorts, hydrocoolers and pasteurizer cooling water, and vegetable rinse tanks,
  • Human water systems including potable water, water storage systems, and municipal wells,
  • Industrial process treatment including flume water, swimming pools, and deodorizing restrooms, bathrooms, refuse containers, and storage lockers, and
  • Ventilation system treatment.

Chlorine dioxide is a proven, powerful, environmentally friendly oxidizing biocide.  In the past, the use of chlorine dioxide has been constrained by the molecule's inherent instability, which has necessitated its on-site production at point-of-use.  CDG's proprietary chemistries resolve the fundamental technical challenges that historically have limited the use of chlorine dioxide. Most significantly, CDG Environmental, LLC has created the first and only storage-stable, ready-to-use liquid chlorine dioxide biocide, CDG Solution 3000, which eliminates the need for on-site production.


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