Leo Motors’ Fuel Cell Technology Can Revolutionize the Automobile Industry

Leo Motors, Inc. (Pink OTC Markets: LEOM) held a seminar to demonstrate the successful development of its proprietary Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG).

At the seminar, professors and researchers from the Electric Vehicle (“EV”) and Battery industries confirmed that they believe this ground-breaking innovation is the first economically sound solution in history to free EVs from range limitations.

The seminar was held in the Korea Technology Center at 3:00 p.m., September 28, 2010. Attendees included members of the press, government officials, industry professionals, scientists, researchers in the field, multinational companies and various investment banking firms.

To accompany the technical report, Leo had a panel discussion with professors who have studied EV and fuel cell technology, including ZAFCG, as well as prominent government scientists working in fuel cell research. The panel discussion was designed to allow a deeper understanding of the technology. There, Leo explained its patents and test results to veteran scientists and industry professionals. Attendees were able to get a more transparent understanding to the significance of Leo’s ZAFCG. Demonstrations were done with the 1kW ZAFCG system, including automatic feeding, sludge collecting, electrolyte changing and interrupt stopping. Using the power measuring meter, Leo demonstrated the power performance of its 1kW ZAFCG to the public. Leo also showed how it can easily scale generator capabilities connecting multiple 1kW systems with modular schema.

All data—including cell voltage, balancing, power (in kW) per amount of zinc fuel (in Kg), running time and generation capacity for the 1kW ZAFCG—were presented with official test records measured by government labs.

At the seminar, several researchers and industry professionals went on record to commend the innovation. Pill Soo Kim, Professor of Automotive Engineering at Daelim University, mentioned that Leo’s ZAFCG can be the killer application which can revolutionize the whole automobile industry, leading us to emission-free and more affordable vehicles.

Dr. Y. S. Chae, Editor and Professor of Automotive Engineering at Daedeuk University, said that he was thrilled after witnessing the demonstration of the ZAFCG because he saw a real solution which frees batteries from the rare metals used in high-quality batteries, 90% of which are controlled by China. This is especially significant because of the recent territorial dispute with Japan; Leo’s ZAFCG does not use such rare metals at all.

Dr. C. H. Kim, Professor of Automotive Engineering at Seoul National University of Science and Technology, said that Leo’s technology can replace the existing patents regarding Fuel Cell technology used in EVs. Dr. D. H. Baek, Research Director in the Fuel Cell Division of the Korea Institute of Energy Research, mentioned that Leo’s ZAFCG can be the first successful development of fuel cell for the automobile to solve both economic and environmental issues.

Source: http://www.leomotors.com/

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