Atcomaart Offers Blister Packaging Machine

An innovative initiation connecting suppliers directly to the purchasers and reducing the hassles of logistics significantly and thus offering enormous benefits to buyers as well as suppliers.

Atcomaart is set to redefine the industrial purchases in India by offering 35 Product categories, 41,000 Products and 5, 10,000 SKU’s under one roof.

We provide various Business services to our registered suppliers as well as buyers. You can say that Atcomaart is one stop solution for all the industrial needs by offering their customer huge number of Industrial products along with category expertise and knowledge.

In Blister Packaging a clear & formed plastic bubble closely contours products which are heat sealed to printed blister card stock. Blister Packaging is widely used in medicines, hardware tools, IT electronic industry, stationery, sport goods, toys, small households, retail display, art crafts, cosmetic etc. It is widely used for display as well as protection purpose.

We produce customized blister packaging machines to suits as per customer’s needs. We can offer machine at very competitive price, speedy delivery, and satisfactory service. We are committed to provide excellent service and products to our customers.

Our Fully automatic Blister Packaging Machines are widely used in the line of Pharmaceuticals for Tablets, D.S, Capsules, Hard/Soft gelatin Capsules OR Any similar product. . Versatility of this equipment suits your total packaging needs. we learn your application thoroughly and then recommending the best design suits to you application. Our try is to make it simple and yet economical.

The machine has fully automatic integrated system with high precession mechanism of 12mm (Cavity depth) X 100 mm (Length) X 25mm (Width) Packing

In our machine you can utilized Opaque, transparent or colored thermo formable and non-toxic PVC , PVC with PVDC coating , PVC with PE/PVDC , ACLAR as a base film.

Aluminum (hard) with heat-sealed lacquer or PVDC coating , and chide resistance type (AL-AL or AL-Paper) can be utilized as Lidding material.

SALIENT FEATURES of our Blister Packaging machines are as follows:

  • Fully automatic tablet feeding unit with controlled Vibrator and Photo-level control
  • Fully automatic and High-Speed machine with continuous operation cycle mechanism for efficient packing.
  • Comparatively lengthy 'Guide Track' for rigid inspection of missing filling, if any.
  • Crease proof sealing pattern is there to eliminate capillary formation of foil on Sealing and Knurling efficiency which saves products from hygroscopic effects and ensures convenient passage through leak tests.
  • Our Contact heating system with Pneumatic actuation allows Blister forming with even heating and thus save wastage of PVC after every stoppage
  • Universal type chain driven Batch Printing Unit.
  • It is adaptable to Change Parts of other machines of similar design.
  • In-line Scoring unit for dispersing of Blister into Twos.
  • Printing registration control system.(P.R.C)
  • It has detection system for non-filled blisters.
  • Multi product packing facility is possible
  • Thermoforming of Manufacturer’s or Product's NAME.
  • Operational system is based on P.L.C..
  • Air jet feeding control system.


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