Momentive Performance Materials to Launch Technological Advancements at UTECH 2010

At UTECH North America 2010, Momentive Performance Materials will introduce a number of technological advancements that can help reduce the use of petroleum-based materials in the production of foam products and improve energy efficiency in a range of applications.

In addition, Momentive will present a technical paper on the ability of experimental additives to improve adhesion to substrates and their impact on other important physical properties of rigid polyurethane foam.

These products, which can help lower impact on the environment, will be showcased at Momentive’s Booth 307 and include:

  • Niax Silicone L-670 – an award-winning surfactant that can allow for the increased use of natural oil-based polyols (NOPs) in flexible foam production, while enhancing the physical properties and processing of foam. It can also help foam manufacturers achieve cost savings by reducing the total amount of FR additive required to pass flammability tests.
  • Niax Silicone L-6635 – a new surfactant that can reduce surface and sub-surface void formation in rigid polyurethane foams produced by continuous lamination. It can help increase energy efficiency particularly in construction applications, such as structural insulated panels, by eliminating defects at the foam’s surface.
  • Niax Silicone L-6952 - a highly efficient surfactant and excellent candidate to consider for use in pour-in-place foam applications that employ HFC-245fa as the blowing agent. By providing both good flow and fine cell production, it promotes energy efficiency by leading to the formation of consistent, high quality foams with excellent insulating properties.

In addition, Momentive offers a range of surfactants, catalysts and other additives that are excellent candidates to consider when flexible slabstock and molded foam manufacturers want to meet stringent volatile organic carbon (VOC) emission requirements.

“Energy efficiency and reduction of petroleum-based materials are key issues for the end-users of polyurethane products, and we are excited to collaborate with the industry in achieving these goals,” said Tony Lanchak, Global Business Director, Urethane Additives, Momentive. “We have been developing important new technologies for 70 years, including the first non-hydrolyzable silicone surfactant for polyurethane foams, and remain as dedicated as ever to industry innovation.”


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