Innovative Clay Deodorant Absorbs Sweat Naturally

Zion Health, announced today the formal launch of Adama Ancient clay solid deodorant, a revolutionary clay deodorant that absorbs sweat naturally. Adama deodorant is enriched with montmorillonite clay minerals that are highly absorptive and contain natural anti-bacterial properties.

Aluminum based anti-perspirants work by drawing aluminum ions into the cells blocking the release of sweat. Adama deodorant absorbs sweat upon release, allowing glands to clear undesired proteins and fatty acids that accompany perspiration.

The relationship between aluminum based deodorants and poor health is controversial. Natural Health Care Practitioner, Doctor Bob Martin emphasizes, "Aluminum Hydrates in deodorants are bad news. They come right through the skin and may breach the blood brain barrier." Eddy Urbina , Zion Health sales manager claims, "If you read the warnings on aluminum based deodorants, you will notice a line that states to ask a doctor if you have a kidney disease. This is not necessary with natural clay deodorants. The main ingredient in our deodorants is pure clay. Clay can serve as a mild antiperspirant, but doesn’t block pores, so sweat will still pass through the skin."

Adama Deodorant is formulated by Natural Health Chemists at Zion Health. Its main ingredient; montmorillonite clay contains more than sixty trace minerals that work to balance pH levels on the skin. Montmorillonite contains natural anti-bacterial properties well known by scientists to absorb harmful bacteria and heal many ailments of the skin. Ancient Clay Deodorant is also filled with natural organic herbs such as lavender, citrus, and pine that nourish the skin and release a pleasant fragrance.


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