Dr. Baker Presents on Nanoemulsion-Based Vaccines at GCGH Conference

NanoBio Corporation today announced that company founder and chief executive officer James R. Baker, Jr. MD, will meet with renown scientists at the 6th Annual Grand Challenges in Global Health (GCGH) Meeting, taking place from Oct. 25-27 in Seattle, Wash., to present data illustrating the potential of the company’s nanoemulsion-based needle-free intranasal vaccine platform to alleviate the suffering caused by infectious diseases in developing countries.

GCGH supports research projects that aim to achieve scientific breakthroughs needed to prevent, treat, and cure diseases of the developing world, which lacks the infrastructure to provide adequate healthcare to a population that is at risk for highly transmissible diseases. One goal of the GCGH is to improve the delivery and stability of vaccines to make them easier to transport and quicker to administer.

NanoBio recently presented Phase 1 clinical data demonstrating that the company’s nanoemulsion adjuvanted intranasal flu vaccine, NB-1008, is safe, well tolerated and elicited both mucosal and systemic immune responses following a single intranasal vaccination in a study of 199 healthy adults. This first-in-man study of NanoBio’s intranasal vaccine program demonstrated positive results that will serve as the basis for future clinical development plans in influenza, as well as other diseases with unmet medical needs. Dr. Baker will highlight this proof-of-concept data during his presentation at the GCGH conference and speak to the potential of nanoemulsion-based needle-free vaccines to address pandemic health concerns in developing countries.

“The unique mechanism of duel protection demonstrated by NB-1008 represents a major breakthrough for needle-free vaccines, which can positively impact populations where trained personnel are not available to administer injectable vaccines in a sterile environment,” said James R. Baker, Jr., MD, founder and chief executive officer of NanoBio. “We have shown that our technology triggers an immune response in the bloodstream and offers protection in mucosal membranes, which is where an individual is most likely to first be exposed to a virus. No marketed flu vaccine offers both systemic and mucosal protection.”

Source: http://www.nanobio.com/

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