3M Introduces Thinner Embedded Capacitance Material for High-Performance Circuit Boards

3M announced today that it has developed an improved embedded capacitance material that has a dielectric thickness of 8 microns and a capacitance density over 11 nanofarads per square inch, which makes it among the thinnest and highest capacitance density materials available for embedding planar capacitance in circuit boards. Fabricators and OEMs worldwide can use this material without a license from 3M.

3M will be exhibiting at the IPC Printed Circuits Expo, Feb. 22-24, 2005, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., in Booth 1549.

"Using embedded capacitance for decoupling high-speed electronics offers many benefits, such as improved noise margins, faster signaling, less-radiated emissions and reduced capacitor counts," said Bill Balliette, new business development manager, 3M Electronic Solutions Division. "This thinner laminate gives design engineers more space to work with."

The 3M laminate material allows designers and manufacturers of high-speed digital printed circuit boards to achieve higher speeds while simplifying design tradeoffs. When used as a power-ground core in a multilayer printed circuit board, 3M embedded capacitor material effectively becomes a decoupling capacitor inside the board. The material allows designers to eliminate large numbers of decoupling capacitors, increases useable board area, enables faster signaling, lowers radiated emissions (EMI), and saves engineering time associated with power distribution design and board layout. Printed circuit board fabricators can use the material in military, automated test equipment, computer and telecommunications applications.

3M's new product offers good adhesion between the dielectric and the very smooth copper foils. 3M's improved embedded capacitance material is covered by U.S. Patent No. 6,274,224.

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