H.B. Fuller Launches New Line of Adhesives for Flexible Packaging Lamination

H.B. Fuller Company (NYSE: FUL) adds to its proven family of FlextraSL™ adhesives for flexible packaging converting with a new line of high clarity barrier-to-barrier laminating formulations that provide faster line speeds and cure times.

With H.B. Fuller’s new FlextraSL SFA8202/XR1285 adhesives, flexible packaging converters can laminate barrier films to barrier films up to three times faster than with conventional solventless adhesive systems, without sacrificing appearance.

“We have focused on supporting our customers in the flexible packaging converting industry who laminate barrier films to barrier films. They told us they need to accomplish more with their adhesives, increase their speeds and throughput, and provide their products to end-users more quickly,” said Bill Bricker, H.B. Fuller business development manager. “With our innovative FlextraSL barrier-to-barrier adhesives, when used as directed, converters can now produce high quality barrier film to barrier film laminations while moving into their secondary operations more quickly and shipping their products sooner.”

FlextraSL barrier-to-barrier laminating adhesives deliver high quality appearance through excellent wet-out and leveling, high clarity and reduced bubbles from carbon dioxide generation. Outperforming conventional systems, FlextraSL barrier-to-barrier laminating adhesives accommodate line speeds up to 800 feet per minute, slit in as few as 12 hours, and PAA decay in as few as two days. Providing full performance in as few as three days, FlextraSL barrier-to-barrier formulations offer increased bond strength to most foil, SiOx-PET, AIOx-PET, Nylon and high slip sealants. Furthermore, these innovative new laminating adhesives help minimize slip scavenging, accommodate boil-in-bag applications (as outlined in 21CFR175.105), have up to a 40-minute pot life and run at lower temperature (105°F).

Along with the complete line of Flextra formulations, FlextraSL™ barrier-to-barrier adhesives can be put to the test on H.B. Fuller’s full production-scale Nordmeccanica™ Super Combi 3000 laminator installed at its pilot facility in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Nordmeccanica laminator can run trials of solvent-based, solventfree and water-based laminating adhesives, offers primary and secondary in-line corona treatment, and produces cure laminated rolls as wide as 52 inches.

Source: http://www.hbfuller.com/

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