Europe China Scrap Trade

For European 'waste and scrap' exporters to China, a new Commission Regulation came into force on 11 February 2005 concerning exports of certain Annex II 'Green list' wastes under normal commercial rules, adding GJ 030 (Cotton waste) and GJ 032 (Yarn waste) to the previous goods allowed. Whilst all other Annex II 'Green list' wastes not wanted under normal commercial rules, now including GC010 (of certain metals and alloys) and GC020 (of printed circuit boards), become automatically "Red controlled" as do unlisted non-hazardous wastes. Exporters will of course be aware that as the European Union had implemented the UN-EP Basel Convention Ban, since 1997, all hazardous wastes were banned from export from the EU to China.

Due to the EU and OECD listing variation from the Basel Convention, a perverse consequence is that China may not ban the import of certain end-of-life goods, those being "Red controlled" instead. As there may be further unexpected consequences following this new Commission Regulation the BIR Secretariat has written an explanatory paper for its members.

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