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Canidae Pet Foods to Redesign Food Packaging for Pet Grains

Canidae Pet Foods announced today its grain free line of super-premium pet foods will undergo a packaging redesign in the first quarter of 2011 to better reflect the quality of their products and their position in the marketplace.

As part of the new packaging, Canidae will change the name of its Grain Free All Life Stages formula to Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements™ and change the name of its Canidae Grain Free Salmon formula to Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea™. The ingredients and the products themselves will remain unchanged.

When asked about the packaging redesign, Frank Hon, Director of Operations for Canidae commented, "Our grain free line for dogs launched in September 2008 and our Felidae Grain Free for cats shortly thereafter. Feedback from the top breeders, canine athletic competitors, cat owners, and other dog owners has been tremendous. These products provide outstanding performance from a company pet owners trust. Why change the package? We wanted to honor the high quality ingredients we put into every bag by creating a bolder, more modern look. This new design will better communicate our message of superior grain free nutrition and make these products more attractive on the retail shelf."

"As the leading brand exclusive to the independent pet food retailer, we continue to innovate and grow," said Jim Mantych, Director of Marketing for Canidae who continued, "Part of this growth is an expansion of our product lines. It is important for us to differentiate these lines to help customers choose what's best for their dog or cat. The grain free repackaging will allow us to better communicate with pet owners that in fact Canidae now offers three distinct lines of natural and holistic pet food. This includes our renowned line of meat-based diets formulated with a hand-picked selection of diversified carbohydrates, our recently announced single grain solution featuring rice, fresh chicken and 29% total protein, and finally our repackaged grain free diets."

Following the initial distribution of new packaging for Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements™ and Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea™ dry formulas for dogs, the company will introduce new packaging for their Canidae Grain Free canned formulations and for both the dry and canned versions of its Felidae Grain Free formulas for cats.

As with all the company's products, Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements™ and Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea™ are natural, holistic, and feature Canidae's balanced blend of Omega fatty acids, which supports shiny coats and healthy skin. Containing only the highest quality ingredients, all lines of Canidae pet foods and treats are meat-based, contain essential vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals, and provide guaranteed viable micro-organisms and enzyme activity.


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