American Durafilm Includes ISO 7/Class 10000 Clean Room to Facilities

American Durafilm Co., Inc. fabrication division has upgraded its heat sealing facilities to include a certified ISO 7/Class 10000 clean room.

For over 40 years American Durafilm Co., Inc. has been on the leading edge of high performance film fabrication and with the addition of a clean room certified to ISO 7/Class 10000. According to Jay Hendrick, President, “American Durafilm can now offer a new industry standard to our customers. With the new capabilities of this clean room facility as a production area, we can now offer greater value to any customer using FEP, PFA, and Kapton® bags in critical biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and other notable applications.”

American Durafilm's new Certified ISO 7/Class 10000 clean room

The upgrade to a clean room facility was the result of American Durafilm’s goal to provide products of the highest quality, while paying the greatest attention to the environment under which these critical components are manufactured. To further ensure that the products manufactured are of the highest quality, American Durafilm has employed the use of a material cleaning system to ensure that all materials being used in the process are as clean as possible. Furthermore the company has developed a packaging system in which the final product is sealed in a clear poly bag to protect the clean products through shipment so that the customer gets a product of the highest possible cleanliness. One of the many uses of the new clean room, where cleanliness is essential is the production of custom TEFLON overwrap bags for cryogenic storage of tissue and cell cultures.

With more than 60 years of experience fabricating high performance films, American Durafilm Co., Inc. has now gained the advantage of providing a truly complete clean manufacturing solution for customers whose critical applications require such certification. American Durafilm Company was founded in 1950 as one of the three original Licensed Industrial Applicators of TEFLON® coatings. Over half a century later, the company remains a leading supplier of DuPont ultra high performance films, including KAPTON®, TEFLON®, and TEFZEL®. The company is as well known for its responsive service as for its high quality products, having received numerous awards from commercial and government customers for on-time performance.


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