Serious Materials Introduces New Specialized Glue to Create Damped Noise-Reducing Walls

Serious Materials today launched QuietGlue Pro soundproofing glue that outperforms other sound damping glue products at 30% lower price for the do-it-yourself, home studio, and home theater markets.

QuietGlue Pro is specialized glue that is applied between two pieces of regular drywall to create damped noise-reducing walls. QuietGlue Pro is the cheapest, highest performing solution specifically for DIY applications where labor cost is typically zero ($0).

Serious Materials pioneered the use of sound-damping technology in building construction in 2002 with the development of its market-leading QuietRock drywall product line and the original QuietGlue. QuietGlue Pro cranks up the volume on the soundproofing performance of the original QuietGlue, while greatly lowering its price over all other damping glue products. Like any other sound damping glue product, QuietGlue Pro is only suitable for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or small one to two room projects, where the cost of materials is the only cost to the customer (compared to the light commercial or commercial markets where labor/installation costs are significant considerations).

"QuietGlue Pro is a breakthrough in price-performance," said Frank Bishop, General Manager of Serious Materials’ Interior Products Division. "If you have ample time and you self-apply or own your labor, there is no better, cheaper way to soundproof walls than with QuietGlue Pro."

For commercial applications, factory-damped panels, like Serious Materials’ soundproofing drywall QuietRock products, are specifically designed to cost-effectively and reliably meet high acoustic standards and code compliant walls. QuietRock requires far less labor (installation time and cost) than gluing and assembling in the field. Serious Materials’ most popular soundproofing drywall product, QuietRock ES, uses EZ Snap technology (no paper in the middle), so labor is no more costly than just hanging regular gypsum drywall, making QuietRock ES the lowest-cost, sound-reducing Type X drywall available today.


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