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Huntsman Form New Group to Licence Maleic Anhydride Technologies

Huntsman Corporation announced today that it has created a new Commercial Licensing Group responsible for licensing all of Huntsman’s technologies across the company.

The new organization is part of the Maleic Anhydride and Commercial Licensing Business, based at Huntsman’s operational headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas, USA, and is led by Tom Fisher, Vice President – Maleic Anhydride and Commercial Licensing. The Commercial Licensing Group was spawned by the success Huntsman has enjoyed in licensing its Maleic Anhydride manufacturing technology around the world.

"Huntsman has decided to capitalize on the 10 years of integrated successes of our Maleic Anhydride Business which is the world’s largest producer of refined Maleic Anhydride and catalyst, as well as the leading licensor of Maleic Anhydride technology,” said Fisher. "The Commercial Licensing Group will now leverage these skills across all of Huntsman’s businesses and technologies. Since Huntsman practices these proprietary, proven and efficient technologies, we will be able to provide our clients an assessment of markets, applications, and the likelihood of financial success. As we have done in Maleic Anhydride, this extended licensing will allow Huntsman to offer product off-take and/or equity positions if the client is interested."

Dr. Mike Mummey, Director, Commercial Licensing added, "We will offer proprietary, proven and efficient technologies demonstrated by Huntsman. Our position as a leading practitioner of the technologies we will offer for licensing differentiates us from many of our engineering company competitors in the area of practical plant design, training and commissioning/start-up assistance. We are able to assist our clients in adding value to their operations.

"In addition to making commercially proven process technologies available for licensing, Huntsman will offer many of its composition and use patents for license. For commercial processes, the company can provide basic engineering packages, technical assistance, training and commissioning/start-up assistance, as it has successfully done in its Maleic Anhydride Licensing Business. The members of the Commercial Licensing Team include Dom Bausano, Samir Ashrawi and Dr. Christopher Nelli.

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