SMS Demag Win Contract to Refurbish Arc Furnace for Georgsmarienhutte

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH has awarded an order to SMS Demag, both Germany, for the comprehensive renewal of its 125-ton DC arc furnace.

The supply scope comprises a furnace shell with panel technology, the furnace roof, a new tilting platform and the erection. The arc furnace is to be equipped with change-vessel technology.

The purpose of this measure is to increase the tapped weight to 140 tons, to enlarge the charging volume and to optimize the melting process sequences.

The increased tapped weight and enlarged charging volume will be achieved by lowering the shell bottom section into the tilting platform while at the same time increasing the height of the shell top section.

Crucial areas of the furnace shell will be equipped with panels comprising vertically arranged finned tubes made of copper (photo 2). In the area of the slag zone, the shell will be fitted with special slag zone panels. The furnace roof will be provided with optimized cooling circuits.

Commissioning of the furnace is scheduled for autumn of this year.

The arc furnace supplied to Georgsmarienhütte in 1994 was the first of its kind in Germany.

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH produces bars, semi-finished and bright steel products from quality steel and high-grade structural steel and predominantly supplies the automotive industry and its suppliers.

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