Eastman Presents Solutions for the Coatings Industry

Carlo Testa, supervisor, chemicals, Eastman Chemical Company will deliver a paper detailing a variety of coatings industry solutions as part of the Rompaint – Pintumed 2005 International Conference in Bucharest, Romania on March 31. Testa’s paper is titled Eastman Coalescents, Cellulose Esters, and Adhesion Promoters: Providing Solutions for the Coatings Industry.

Testa, who works at the Eastman Technical Centre in Kirkby, England, will present a comprehensive product portfolio for use in conventional, high-solids, waterborne and powder coatings for the architectural, automotive and industrial markets. This paper will focus on Eastman’s coalescents, cellulose esters and adhesion promoters for these markets. The Eastman Coatings Film Technologies coalescent portfolio, anchored by Texanol ester alcohol, has been designed to respond to regulatory directives, retail requirements and consumer preference. One of the new additions to the coalescent portfolio is Optifilm Enhancer 300, a low odor coalescent that, like Texanol ester alcohol, is not classed as a volatile organic according to the European Union Directive 2004/42/EC.

Eastman’s cellulose ester range, including a new water-reducible product, CMCAB cellulose ester, will also be discussed. Eastman cellulose esters, when used as an additive, modifying resin or major film former in printing inks and coating applications, provide a number of performance benefits which include reduced dry time, improved flow and leveling, reduced cratering, sag control, improved sprayability, reduced picture framing, redissolve resistance, metallic flake control, pigment dispersion, reduced blocking, solvent craze resistance and gloss control.

Testa will also discuss overcoming the adhesion difficulties associated with coating polypropylene, polyethylene, and thermoplastic polyolefins, as well as many other plastic and certain metal substrates. He will demonstrate how Eastman’s waterbased and solventbased adhesion promoters improve paint adhesion in these situations. A highlight of this discussion will be the introduction of a new non-chlorinated product, Eastman AP550-1 adhesion promoter.


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