Janco's Flexible Medical Packaging Design for Healthcare Industry

Janco Incorporated, a provider of industrial plastic fabrication based in Dover, New Hampshire has recently announced the perfection of new technology allowing them to provide flexible medical packaging design for a variety of critical medical products, instruments, and devices.

Company spokesman, Phil Killer explains, “Providers of healthcare and those in the medical industry deal with some expensive, precise, and life changing devices. So for everything from everyday medical devices such as syringes to delicate instruments such as pacemakers, we put our innovations to work to provide the protection and functionality that get the device to where it needs to go while also ensuring that the packaging is easy to use.” To this, Killer says that Janco Incorporated applies vast knowledge of operating room procedure with constantly updated capabilities, state of the art clean rooms, and exhaustive quality controls.

Regarding medical packaging design provided by Janco Inc., Killer continues to explain that, “Once the packaged device gets safely to wherever it’s going – whether that’s an operating room or an examination room, it can be opened without issue. We don’t want nurses or doctors fumbling with a package while they have a patient waiting for a pacemaker. With that in mind, we make every effort to combine protection and usability at every turn of the medical packaging design process.”

Over the years Janco Incorporated has appeared at numerous trade shows across the country to display their expertise and innovation when it comes to flexible medical packaging design. In 2011, they plan to continue that tradition whenever possible.

Source: http://www.janco-inc.com/

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