Kamweld Technologies Unveils Bosite-Built Plastic Welding Guns

Supplier of plastic welding tools in the Unites States, Kamweld Technologies has announced the availability of five new Bosite-built plastic welding guns at its online store.

The plastic welders are portable and have simple configuration as their interior electronics have high temperature output. Welders can accurately control the welding temperatures according to the type of plastics.

The new offerings from the company comprise three product models. The 1600 W product line offers an uninterrupted hot air stream of up to 700 °C use temperature. The eKTI-06902 model features a low and high volume air switch for utilization in various applications. Its digital display assures least temperature variation between actual welding temperature and user set point. The eKTI-06900 is ideal for uninterrupted utilization at higher temperatures. The final model, eKTI-06901 comprises flexible, user-friendly and portable handle grip along with all other features of the eKTI-06900 model.

The eKTI-06903 is the first welding gun in the 3000 W product line. It offers hot air from a broad barrel for numerous applications, including general plastics welding, automotive repair, circuit board rework and shrink wrapping. The eKTI-06904 is the first welding gun in the 1000 W product line. It has a dual insulated welding gun, which gives better protection and durability.

Source: http://www.kamweld.com

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