Industrial Nanotech Secures Nansulate Coating Project for Food Processing Facility

Provider of nanotechnology based energy-efficient solutions, Industrial Nanotech has proclaimed that a large food processing plant is using its proprietary energy saving protective coating solution called Nansulate.

The Vice President of Business Development at Industrial Nanotech, Francesca Crolley stated that Nansulate’s performance qualities such as high resistance to corrosion, reduced condensation and heat energy loss from steam pipes, and reduced surface temperatures to ensure workers protection are vital for food processing plants. The company had resolved such issues for beverage and food processing plants across the globe, which include Corona beer producers, Grupo Modelo, Kraft Foods and Holiday Snacks, Crolley added.

Nansulate coatings have surpassed the GM9540P Accelerated Corrosion Test. An independent certified lab for corrosion testing, Assured Testing Services, performed the testing on Nansulate coatings. During the test, Nansulate-coated panels passed the test and did not produce red rust even after 24 test cycles, while non-coated panels failed completely after 1 test cycle and showed 100% of red rust. The standard for anticorrosion coating test is to pass 8 cycles.


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