Researchers Develop Ultra-Slim Graphene Polarizer

Université Libre de Bruxelles’ researcher Dr. Han Zhang, who serves at the university’s Service OPERA-photonique – Applied Science Faculty, in partnership with the National University of Singapore’s researcher Prof. Loh has developed an ultra-slim graphene polarizer.

The new polarizer depends on polarizing, guiding and coupling of electromagnetic waves by graphene. According to the researchers, the latest development will pave the way to incorporate all-photonic circuits, resulting in ultra-speed optical communications.

Optical polarizers, which are basic parts of quantum and coherent optical communications, split an optical signal’s polarization state. Traditional optical polarizers such as Brewster-angle polarizer, prism and sheet are larger, costlier and need another alignment for integration.

Graphene polarizer demonstrated a wide operation bandwidth that ranges between visible and mid-infrared to provide superior broadband optical characteristic. By producing small and low-cost graphene polarizer with added benefits of broad operation spectrum and ultra-quick relaxation time, the researchers expect the possibility of new structures for on-chip ultra-speed optical communications.

Due to fiber-based optical channel, one can easily understand the interaction between the electromagnetic waves and graphene and the effect of polarization due to the variable attenuation of two polarization modes. The analysis of the structure of the graphene polarizer will be the basis for scientists of nano-science, plasmonics and photonic research communities to research their procedures and ideas.



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