'Health Forum' Show to Feature Memry Corporation Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Technology for Medical Devices

Memry Corporation announced today that Platinum Television Group will feature Memry on its educational television series, Health Forum.

The company will be highlighted in a segment on "The Critical Importance of Shape Changing Technology in the Medical Device Industry" in the show's "Models of Excellence" series. The program will air on CNBC, CNBC Europe, 98 times on regional news networks and will be seen in nearly 50 major media markets. Broadcast dates will be scheduled and released after production of the segment.

Memry Corporation provides design, engineering, development and manufacturing services to the medical device and other industries using the company's proprietary shape memory alloy and polymer extrusion technologies. Medical device products include stent components, catheter components, guidewires, laparoscopic surgical sub-assemblies and orthopedic instruments as well as complex, multi-lumen, multi-layer polymer extrusions used for guidewires, catheters, delivery systems and various other high-end interventional medical devices. Medical device customers include Medtronic, Tyco and Boston Scientific.

While traditionally considered a "boutique technology," the super-elastic self-expanding capabilities of Nitinol have become increasingly more attractive as an alternative to balloon expansion stents in a number of mainstream procedures. The most popular of these procedures include peripheral, biliary and esophageal applications; stenting of the carotid arteries' and endovascular stent grafting of the descending aorta or thoracic aorta.

In addition to medical-related uses, the company produces and sells Nitinol strip, wire and tubing and wire components for cellular telephone antennas, automotive components, eyeglass frames and dental applications. Memry is focused on the value-added processing of these components, such as state-of-the-art laser processing and finishing capabilities for medical stents, specialized micro coil and guidewire components and high-speed automated forming.

James Binch, CEO of the company, said, "Memry's objective is to become the world leader in developing and processing shape memory materials with high quality and significant user value. We are dedicated to the quality of our shape memory alloy products."


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