Federal-Mogul Introduces New Coating for Piston Ring Application

Federal-Mogul has engineered a new coating for piston ring application called CarboGlide that allows vehicle manufacturers to produce high fuel-efficient gasoline engines.

CarboGlide-coated piston rings

Federal-Mogul’s patented coating decreases ring friction by nearly 20% when compared to nitride or other standard coatings, thus improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The coating offers superior wear resistance throughout the operating life of the engines, which include the latest high-yield gasoline engines with direct injection or turbocharging.

In addition, CarboGlide safeguards the surface of the cylinder from scoring and scuffing, particularly in the extremely critical lubrication conditions, due its high physical and chemical stability.

The improved coating properties of CarboGlide are due to a multi-layer microstructure and a unique coating formulation that comprises carbon, dispersed in a diamond-like form, as well as tungsten and hydrogen. The novel structure can be created for a coating with a thickness of 10 µ, which is three times more than that of the advanced DLC coating.

CarboGlide is applied by a unique method, a combination of plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor deposition methods, specially designed for piston ring application. The surface finishing and machining experience of the company and the multi-layer structure of the coating assure superior coating stability, maximum adhesion of the coating and the coating structure’s integrity on both cast iron and steel rings.

CarboGlide is the third-generation DLC coated ring technology of Federal-Mogul. Several major vehicle producers will introduce engines utilizing CarboGlide-coated piston rings of Federal-Mogul in 2011.

Source: http://www.federalmogul.com


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