ZeaChem Signs MOU with Chrysler Group to Deliver Advanced Cellulosic Ethanol

ZeaChem, a producer of innovative bio-based fuels and intermediate chemicals, announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chrysler Group, one of the leading global auto manufacturers, to hasten development and market use of advanced cellulosic ethanol.

The MOU initiates both the companies to form a strategic alliance to achieve common objectives associated with the production of alternative fuels.

ZeaChem and Chrysler Group alliance’s objectives are to create awareness about the potential environmental benefits of low carbon and high yield cellulosic ethanol and offers a leadership position to bring advanced cellulosic ethanol to the consumer marketplace via a production value chain; and to shift from the existing “food for fuel debate” situation. The strategic alliance also focuses to reinforce the reliability of cellulosic ethanol product as a cost-effective alternative for green transportation among American consumers and regulators.

Chrysler Group has been dedicated for a long time to promote the consumption of alternative fuels and to provide flex-fuel vehicles to its clients. President and CEO of ZeaChem, Jim Imbler noted that their biorefinery process offers a 40% greater ethanol output from non-food cellulosic feedstocks. The company seeks to continue its partnership with the Chrysler Group to accomplish the objectives and deliver sustainable, economical and advanced cellulosic ethanol to vehicle users.

Source: http://www.zeachem.com/

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