Accelrys Announces 2005 Product Launch of Next-Generation Products for Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Materials Researchers

Accelrys today announced the launch of a number of next-generation products across its entire portfolio of software for pharmaceutical, chemical, and materials researchers. Additionally, the company announced its Open Integration Platform, which will integrate Accelrys and SciTegic software in order to enable tailor-made, role-based solutions as well as enhanced intra- and inter-domain productivity.

In this launch, Accelrys is introducing over 15 enhanced or new products. Among the highlights are new functionality for molecular biologists, new science for computational chemists, and enhanced platform support. These new offerings put Accelrys on the trajectory to deliver integrated product and service solutions that provide customers with a wide choice of new and improved capabilities.

"The launch of this latest suite of products from Accelrys shows our commitment to delivering new science and tools to our clients, extending the broadest & deepest product portfolio in the industry" said Mark J. Emkjer, president and CEO of Accelrys. "By taking our point-products and identifying toolsets that can enable scientists and engineers in various disciplines, we aim to deliver solutions that address the priority requirements for our clients."

Extending Discovery Studio

Accelrys continues to invest in its Discovery Studio (DS) line of products for life science research. This launch includes the latest release of DS GCG-a package of over 100 powerful sequence analysis tools for bioinformaticians. Also included is DS MedChem Explorer, a tool for designing and optimizing lead compounds at the desktop that has now been enhanced with new ADME/Tox models and support for Linux. DS ViewerPro, which provides desktop access to tools for generating, sharing, and analyzing high quality molecular information, now includes a 2D viewing option, as well as an automatic field fitting option for easier superimposition of molecules. DS Accord for Excel, an Excel spreadsheet that allows display and calculation of chemical information, can now retrieve data from Oracle-based Accord Enterprise Informatics products through a simple-to-use data analysis wizard.

Enhanced Linux Offerings

QUANTA, Accelrys' leading software environment for X-ray crystallographers also features a Linux port and certification on IBM Thinkpads and IntelliStations running Red Hat Linux. Additionally, a number of new methods and algorithms have been added, including an automated model re-building method that substantially reduces model re-building time.

Insight II, a molecular modeling and simulation environment for protein modelers, computational chemists and structural biologists now allows seamless integration between Linux and IRIX. Insight II is also certified and optimized on IBM IntelliStations running Red Hat Linux. New science in Insight II includes a new protein-protein docking program called ZDOCKpro.

Improved Chemistry

For chemists and screening biologists, Accord Enterprise Informatics (AEI) provides a robust solution for storing and managing drug discovery data. AEI now incorporates a new version of the Accord Chemistry Engine, which includes new calculators, Markush support, and enhanced stereochemistry support.

New for Materials Science

Materials Studio (MS) Modeling, Accelrys' suite of modeling and simulation products for computational researchers in chemicals and materials R&D, has a number of important new features and upgrades. New functionality is available for polymer chemists in the form of Blends - which allows calculation of miscibility for binary polymer and solvent systems. MS Modeling now features the first of set of tools derived for the current Accelrys Nanotechnology Consortium, including nano-builders. Platform support has been added for HP Cluster Platform 4000 based on AMD Opteron, HP Cluster Platform 3000 based on Intel Xeon, and the Cluster Platform 6000 based on Intel Itanium 2 processors.

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