ROJ Electrotex Uses APTIV Film to Produce Brake Cones

APTIV film from Victrex Polymer Solutions has been chosen by ROJ Electrotex, an Italian company, to develop high-pressure thermoformed braking cone.

APTIV film replaces metal and improves performance of new textile brake cone.

APTIV films, the most flexible and high performance films, are made from VICTREX PEEK polymer. These films combine several properties such as low moisture absorption, radiation resistance, superior wear and abrasion resistance, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, mechanical strength and high temperature performance. Victrex’s thermoplastic film replaces metal and enhances the performance of the new textile brake cone.

Earlier, brake cones were produced utilizing a metal cone fixed on rubber components. But, the rubber components showed mechanical decay and the metal cone produced an inconsistent braking performance. These inconsistent braking performances and mechanical decay issues have been solved by APTIV films.

ROJ Electrotex uses Victrex’s high performance films in three thicknesses: 500, 250 and 150 ìm and the selection is based on the weft and tension attributes. The Italian firm has already developed and tested several brake cones with APTIV film and estimates production of 10,000 units per year. APTIV films’ unique properties support production of brake cones with complete accuracy. Niebling’s high-pressure forming technology is employed to produce the cones.



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