Objet VeroClear Transparent Material Offers Significant Benefits to IPF

Objet’s new three-dimensional printing materials has been selected and deployed by an UK-based prototyping service bureau, IPF. The firm has used both ABS-like and clear transparent materials at its Nazeing office.

Objet VeroClear is a new transparent and rigid material that features visual simulation of transparent thermoplastic like PMMA, excellent model building and outstanding dimensional stability. Objet’s new clear transparent material has high demand in the market. IPF has used the material during beta testing and they have gained new business due to the strength of Objet VeroClear’s transparent capability said Gary Miller, Head of 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping at IPF.

IPF’s Head of 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping, Gary Miller stated that the clients look for the transparent material for broader applications. IPF is utilizing the Objet VeroClear for customers in the medical, defense, consumer electronics, automotive and architecture fields. The material applications include testing lighting functionality, housing and casing for electronics, clear screens and waterflow systems.

IPF has also implemented Objet ABS-like material and anticipates that the material will create new opportunities and growth for the company from its clients in the F1 racing, consumer goods and automotive sectors. Objet ABS-like is referred to as Digital Material and it is designed to provide an alternative for ABS-grade engineering plastics. The material has superior dimensional stability, high toughness and high-temperature resistance. Objet ABS-like material is used with Objet Connex three-dimensional printers. The material is found to be non-porous and hence the finishing will be incredible.

Source: http://www.objet.com/

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