Ferro Unveils Metallization Pastes at PVSEC 2011

At the 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (PVSEC), Ferro Electronic Materials has launched over 12 metallization pastes for solar applications.

The new solutions provide greater electrical efficiencies and decrease material usage. The new pastes enhance a wide range of technologies, including next-generation cell designs, traditional crystalline silicon cells and low-temperature applications, which include ITO- or TCO-coated wafers, amorphous silicon and thin film.

Ferro has introduced two double print front silver contact pastes: NS 3133 TP and NS 3132 BP. The company has partnered with Applied Materials and developed these pastes with excellent compatibility that increases paste usage and improves electrical efficiency. NS 3130 and NS 3131 are new front silver pastes that provide high manufacturability, durability and efficiency. They minimize costs and save material use by about 20%. The silver pastes provide 0.40% absolute gains in electrical efficiency.

In addition, Ferro has launched a series of silver and polymer silver materials: LF 7125, LF 7123, LF 7122, LF 7116 and LF 7116. LF 7125 is a curable epoxy silver material developed for applications such as external bus bars for TCO-coated cells. LF 7122 is a low temperature polymer silver designed for contacting TCO coatings and thin film tabbing and LF 7123, a low temperature thermoset polymer silver material, is ideal for n-type wafer production.

The company has also introduced a new MWT paste system for p-Type Cells. The system features NS 3166 MWT, an advanced rear silver plug hole paste. AL 5161 MWT, AL 5169 and AL 5168 are new aluminium pastes offered by Ferro. AL 5168 is a non fire-through reflector paste developed for passivated cell designs and AL 5169 is developed for back-side passivated solar cells.

Source: http://www.ferro.com/


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