Arkema Develops New Impact Modifiers

Arkema, a global chemical company and a specialist in impact modifiers for PA, PC, PET and PBT, has created Lotader 2200, a new impact modifier range that is suitable for applications requiring exceptional impact resistance at extremely low temperatures.

Impact Modifier range for Polyamide 6 and 66 components

The new acrylate-based ethylene terpolymers are ideal for manufacturing PA66 components, including the lawnmower body, handle, hubcap, mirror and rearview. The material has been developed based on customer demand in household, industrial and automotive markets. Lotader impact modifiers are used globally to process technical polymers such as polycarbonate (PC), thermoplastic polyesters and polyamides.

In addition, the company has developed Orevac IM300 impact modifier for PA6 components. The new grafted polyolefin grade provides an exceptional balance between flexibility and resistance to cracks and impact at lower temperatures. In addition, it maintains high fluidity for superior productivity. Arkema delivers a comprehensive range of impact modifiers with the addition of two new grades and thus, the company can meet the requirement of plastics processors.

Arkema produces specialty chemicals that offer effective solutions to meet challenges such as fossil fuel preservation, future of energy, access to drinking water, climate change and need for lighter materials. The company has operations in over 40 countries.



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  1. Mohamed zeid Mohamed zeid Kuwait says:

    chemical impact modifier for PA, PC, PET and PBT, for bitumen or any other replacement product as sbs or any to give us the same results as ethylene terpolymer ( lotader)

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