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DuPont’s Renewable Materials Receive Top Honors in Automotive Awards Event

The “Most Innovative Use of Plastic Awards” Event was organized by the Society of Plastics Engineers. Awards were presented to Toyota, Ford and Fiat for parts that utilize two DuPont materials, which are renewably sourced. These DuPont materials include the Sorona EP polymer, Zytel RS nylon and Hytrel TPC-ET.

Zytel® RS grade for Fiat’s diesel and bio diesel fuel lines

An exclusively designed Zytel RS grade for Fiat’s bio-diesel and diesel fuel lines enabled Hutchinson, Fiat, DuPont and Rivoli to receive awards in the Environmental category. Kojima Press Industry, Toyota, DuPont and Howa Plastics reached the finalist stage in the Materials category with the Sorona EP for components in Prius á instrument panel of the air-conditioning system.

Zytel RS comprises over 60% ingredients that have been renewably sourced and was selected in place of PA12 for long-lasting aging performance and excellent temperature resistance. The application has been used extensively by Fiat, debuting with the Fiat 500, Punto, Panda, Alfa Romeo, Lancia Delta, Giulietta and MiTo.

Sorona EP comprises between 20 and 37% renewably sourced material and is obtained from plant sugar, increases design alternatives and satisfies performance requirements for the novel Prius instrument-panel outlet components in the automobile’s air conditioning system.

Brose, Ford, Mitsuba, Camoplast, and DuPont won the Hardware/Chassis category by being used instead of steel in the power-window system of Ford Focus. The innovative design makes use of the damping features of Hytrel TPC-ET in order to minimize weight and noise.

For over 40 years, the Society of Plastics Engineers has given awards to the "Most Innovative Use of Plastics" in ground-transportation and automotive applications.


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