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New Plastic Film Protection for Luvitec

Luvitec high molecular weight powders have now got higher level of protection by a plastic film that prevents the penetration of oxygen from the air.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone water-soluble specialty polymers

Luvitec or polyvinylpyrrolidone, (PVP), a vital ingredient in the production of specialty adhesives and membranes gives better and specifically dependable product quality. The membrane industry is especially reliant on reliable product purity and properties, said Dr. Markus Lohscheidt, Global Business Management PVP at BASF.

The high molecular weight PVP powders are shielded from oxidation as the packaging is made up of ethylene vinyl alcohol plastics (EVOH). The EVOH film has superior tensile strength, admirable chemical resistance, impervious to gases and fluids and the finest sealing properties. Consequently, all the applicable product properties continue to be shielded, not only for the present but perpetually. A shelf life of three years for the high molecular weight powders is guaranteed by BASF.

Specialty membranes made of plastic materials are essential where gentle methods are required to clean or keep materials apart gently devoid of heat or chemicals, specialty membranes that are made up of plastic materials is necessary. The ultrafiltration membranes are utilized for keeping potable water free from viruses and bacteria and also used in dialysis to flush out the toxins from the human blood. A host of multiple minute pores and conduits are created in the membrane necessary for the segregation process.

PVP is soluble in water and can soak up a huge amount of water; it is non-irritant to the skin and does not cause a risk to the health, resistant to temperature with a stable pH and is colorless and non-ionic. PVP can be used for a wide variety of purposes due to these traits and is used in a variety of BASF product series, as well as Kollidon, which is used as a pharmaceutical excipient, Luviskol is used in the production of hair sprays and hair gels. Sokalan HP is used as a detergent additive and Divergan is utilized in the curing of wine and in beer filtration.



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