The 200 Lumen Barrier Has Been Shattered

Producing more than 200 lumen from an operating current of only 700 milliamps, the tiny 3 x 1 cm Ostar Lighting LED is a real bright spark. This is the brightest semiconductor light source yet from Osram Opto Semiconductors and will be a serious contender for general lighting applications.

This white high-performance light source lasts an average of more than 50,000 hours and is suitable for all types of spotlights, reading lights, designer lights, safety lights and effect lights. Thanks to its small dimensions and low profile of just six millimetres, it gives designers enormous freedom to incorporate them in luminaires.

The light emitting diode gets its high output from tried and tested thin-film technology developed by Osram. This technology produces “top-lookers” that emit almost all the light generated out of the top of the LED. The white light colour comes from colour conversion based on the chip coating method. Unlike conventional LEDs, the yellow converter is not in the encapsulation material but directly on the blue chip. This method produces pure white which remains constant from all viewing angles and, unlike the Ostar Projection RGB solution, does not create coloured shadows at the edges. This is particularly useful if additional optics are needed, as is often the case in general lighting.

This high-performance light source is ready to install and consists of a blue thin-film chip, a ceramic carrier for connecting to the heat sink and ESD (electrostatic discharge) elements that provide reliable protection against overvoltage.

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