HANS Sport II Device Features DuPont Zytel RS Nylon

Zytel RS, DuPont’s renewably sourced polyamide material is used in the production of HANS Sport II, a latest head and neck support device model of the HANS Device Sport line from HANS Performance Products for racing drivers.

New HANS Sport II head and neck support device for recreational racing driver safety depends on molding of renewably sourced DuPont Zytel RS carbon fiber/glass fiber reinforced polyamide for exceptional lightness combined with FIA standards-complying strength and stiffness.

Zytel RS offers the required lightweight and impact resistance for the HANS Sport II molded using HiPer Technology. The HANS Sport II model has a weight 30% lower than that of earlier models in the HANS Device Sport line. The life-saving device is needed on circuits operated by NHRA, Formula 1, CART and NASCAR.

Zytel RS polyamide material is reinforced with glass fiber or carbon fibers to deliver performance properties such as strength, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and impact resistance. The material is produced from non-food based renewable sources.

HANS Performance Products’ Vice President, Gary Milgrom stated that the use of Zytel RS for injection molding the HANS Sport II allows the company to deliver the same protection for racing drivers at an affordable price.

According to HiPer Technology’s Vice President of Marketing, Christopher Bovis, weight is crucial in all motor sports applications. DuPont Performance Polymers created a new Zytel RS grade with stiffness and strength required to exceed all countrywide and worldwide safety standards. The novel material helps HANS Performance Products and HiPer Technology to make a lighter and compact racing safety device having integrated characteristics, he added.

Source: http://www2.dupont.com

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