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Lambda Advanced Technology Introduces the Prodigy ICP Spectrometer

Lambda Advanced Technology's Prodigy ICP spectrometer from Teledyne Leeman Labs is available in radial, axial and dual view configurations. The dual view configuration, in combination with the instrument's large area L-PAD solid state detector, allows full analysis of both the major and trace elements present in a sample in a single analytical run.

The traditional radial viewing configuration views emission from the central section of the plasma from the side through the background argon emission. This gives good detection limits (ppb levels) and a wide dynamic range.

Axial viewing improves detection limits by between 5 and 10 times, since by looking down the central portion of the plasma, emissions are collected from the entire length of the plasma. However plasma physics and sample chemistry effects mean that the higher concentrations can only be measured by dilution methods using this technique.

Prodigy's dual view configuration combines the best of both worlds, allowing the user to choose the preferred view for each spectral line, to give the optimal detection conditions for each element.

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