Hydro Helps to Promote Aluminium Usage in Automobiles

Hydro's extrusion operation division employees are trying to promote the use of aluminum in vehicles. The initial part of the campaign known as "Jobs From Autos" is led by a production manager, Matthew Holbrook from the St.Augustine, Florida-based Hydro plant.

Eight million Americans are dependent on automobiles for their living. This fact has been emphasized in the “Jobs From Autos” program.

During 2011, aluminium scrap of approximately 35 million kilograms was recycled at the St. Augustine plant. The benefits of aluminium among several other materials was demonstrated.

Hydro’s Production Manager, Matthew Holbrook, has commented that Detroit has not manufactured many parts by itself, but has assembled those parts. There are companies that supply Detroit along with their automobile parts.

According to Matthew Dionne, Extrusion North America’s head, the participation of Hydro in this campaign highlights the aluminium qualities in applications such as automobiles.

Aluminium, which is light but strong and resistant to corrosion, helps to decrease emissions and usage of fuel in vehicles.

Dionne has added that the strategy of Extrusion North America is aimed at designing products made of aluminum. He feels that working with the Auto alliance Group is ideal as they are focused on enhancing fuel efficeny. Extrusion North America is expecting to continue the collaboration with Auto Alliance on mass reduction campaigns.

Source: http://www.hydro.com/

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