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Versatile Packagers Launches Eco-Friendly Blister Packaging Solutions

Versatile Packagers, a contract packaging company based in Florida, has demonstrated industry leadership by means of sustainability efforts in packaging. The company has added a new machine to its 150,000 square foot unit that will enable the company to offer trapped blister packaging solutions to the customers.

This blister packaging solution is an eco-friendly substitute to the normal clam shell plastic packaging solution, which is very hard to open, offers safety to the product as well as has clear surface space to enable easy marketing. On the other hand, all these advantages are provided by the trapped blister packaging solutions, but it uses less plastic and more recycled materials.

According to the CEO of Versatile Packagers, Rick Shave, some customers may be cautious to invest in this innovative packaging solution. Actually, this trapped blister packaging provides more benefits such as high visibility, tamper resistance and strong shelf impact. Printing can be done on both sides of the package. Blister packaging can be thermoformed based on the product’s shape, die cut, and packaged.

The company’s plastic usage is reduced by this trapped blister packaging process, along with a blister card at the back of the product. Besides ecological benefits, this new blister card backing has facilitated the companies to market to their clients, by permitting to print on the both sides of the package. Less time is required for this new packaging solution, due to machine efficiency. This trapped blister packaging solutions is cost-effective.


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